While it’s my dream to be a published, successful writer, I first have to get through school and hone my skills. Currently, my work can be found stored away in folders on my computer, in physical notebooks in my closet and a slowly growing number published in various outlets.



As a high schooler, I worked for my hometown’s newspaper, the Left Hand Valley Courier. Now at Drake, I regularly write for the Times-Delphic. I’ve written for every section, though spent a year as a features staff editor specifically.


I’ve written for DUiN Magazine at Drake, worked as an editor and written for Drake Political Review, had a piece published in Des Moines Urban Experience and write for Iowa Natural Heritage through my internship with INHF.

Creative fiction

My primary interest has always been in writing novels, though I have also recently become more interested in short stories and took a course last year where I was able to work on short pieces. I hope to begin submitting some to different publications and upload some here soon.

Creative Non-Fiction

Creative non-fiction has become a new interest as I’ve taken two classes on it recently. As a requirement for one of my classes this year, I will be submitting my work to different online journals and hope to hear some positive results.