• Oy with the poodles already

    There are so many more important things I could be blogging about. A wrap up on my semester abroad. A summary of my work this summer. My new commitments for my senior year. Or any other myriad events that are taking over my life. Instead, I’m choosing to write about Gilmore girls. A note: It’s […]

  • In Progress

    A note: Not all WordPress themes are created equal. Many are designed by unique individuals who put their own spin on everything. They code them differently. They make different widgets. They make their widgets more difficult than they need to be.   I upgraded my website to the “Pro” version a couple of weeks ago because […]

  • When in Ireland

    You drink. And if you’re not a big fan of Guinness or other beers, it’s expensive. The first couple of weeks you try to embrace the culture. There isn’t really Irish-style food. They speak English and the accent is pretty easy to understand. The dominant race, religion, and customs are the same. So the one […]

  • Europe’s Trying to Kill Me

    Normally, I’m a planner. I like charts, pro/con lists, schedules and being apart from my planner gives me anxiety. Normally, I’m good at planning. I look up timetables and maps and prices and can give a rundown of every step of a plan. My freshman year of college the friends I was making quickly learned that […]

  • Home away from home away from home

    Whenever I meet people here, one of their first questions is “Where are you from?”. It seems like an easy question. A one or two-word answer for most people, maybe with a little elaboration in the follow up of “Whereabouts?” But for me, I struggle with that simple question.  I no longer have just one home […]