• The Outskirts of Grief

    March 10, 2019I’m sitting on the couch watching Hulu and scrolling through Facebook. We have an old TV, inherited from my roommate’s grandfather, plus an X-box 360 we can stream through. When I see the post and need the TV to stop I have to scramble to wake the X-box controller up just to hit […]

  • Grief, loss, pain, fear and other awful things

    The cat got sick on the floor today but I step over it. Normally, I’d rush to his aid, cleaning the mess with my spray, paper towels, and plastic bags but I’m exhausted. It’s been a rough day. Week. Month. Year. I must look like I feel because people keep doing double takes on me, […]

  • Regarding Alaska, and Dogs

    I’m mulling over the possibility of applying for jobs in Alaska and, consequently, fulfilling a life-long dream of going dog sledding. Alaska has a lot of things I’m looking for: gorgeous scenery, a passion for the environment and nature, a low cost of living, isolation, compelling hobbies, and bears. It also has a few things […]

  • Oy with the poodles already

    There are so many more important things I could be blogging about. A wrap up on my semester abroad. A summary of my work this summer. My new commitments for my senior year. Or any other myriad events that are taking over my life. Instead, I’m choosing to write about Gilmore girls. A note: It’s […]

  • In Progress

    A note: Not all WordPress themes are created equal. Many are designed by unique individuals who put their own spin on everything. They code them differently. They make different widgets. They make their widgets more difficult than they need to be.   I upgraded my¬†website to the “Pro” version a couple of weeks ago because […]